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Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is free of charge. Client information is collected, and the project requirements and budget are discussed.


Fee Agreement

Terms of engagement and a fee proposal detailing the project brief based on the initial consultation are provided to the client. The client agrees to and signs these before proceeding with the project.

Establishing Site Requirements

A site visit is made if required. Necessary site information is obtained from the property file or other appropriate sources. A surveyor may be required to carry out a topographical survey of the building site and a Geotechnical Engineer’s input may also be required.


Concept Design Phase

The designer works with the client to develop a concept design drawing based upon the project brief. At this stage, it is advisable for the client to engage a quantity surveyor / builder estimator to assist with a budget estimate.  Once the concept design is completed and the client has approved the finalised design, the consenting phase can begin.

PIM Application (recommended)

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a report issued by Council at the request of an applicant. The PIM summarises the property information known to the territorial authority relevant to a building project. This will help us identify all the matters that may affect the proposed project before submitting a building consent application.

Resource Consent (if required)

If a Resource Consent (RC) is required, it needs to be applied for at this point. A planning consultant may be required and engaged by the client to assess any environmental effects and help with the RC application.

Detailed Documentation Phase

Working drawings are prepared for Building Consent (BC) submission.​ If other consultants are required for the build (i.e. structural engineer, fire engineer, civil engineer, etc.) a fee proposal can be obtained on behalf of the client. The client will then engage the consultants directly. Before BC submission, the working drawings are provided to the client for final approval.


Building Consent

A full set of architectural drawings and documentation along with third-party documents are collated together to be submitted to the relevant regional council for Building Consent. Councils often require further information - these requirements will need to be satisfied before Building Consent can be issued.


Minor Variations / BC Amendments

Any changes made after Building Consent is issued will incur extra cost and may cause delays. Some small changes can be undertaken as minor variations to the Building Consent. More substantial changes must go through an Amendment to Building Consent process which will incur further cost and greater delays.


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